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Monday, July 4, 2011

Before & After-er (an update to my dresser to foyer shelves DIY)

Remember when I took this sad drawer-less dresser

And ripped out the drawer tracks, painted it, an laid in some plywood shelves to create a shelving unit/entry  table for my foyer?

Well, I recently did one little update- removing the cross bars (except the horizontal one at the top supporting the top shelf) for a cleaner, more open look. This meant getting to hack away at the bars with a saw to get them loose. Which is a pretty satisfying activity, I must say.

Ripping out the cross bars left me with some weird little notches to fill

Like this.

I did so with lightweight spackle, let it dry over night, then sanded it and used some of the same paint from before to touch up.

I'm really happy with the improvement! Not only do the shelves look more open and light now, but it is also easier to access what's on them. Yippee!

See earlier posts about this process here:
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  1. This is so lovely. I have a dresser from Goodwill in my garage that I've been waiting to be inspired to do something with. This might be it! :)

  2. @blush restoration - Thanks! looks like you are just getting started on your blog? Look forward to seeing what you do with that dresser, I hope you'll post about it!


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