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Thursday, August 4, 2011


It's August. It's been a long year. I've decided to take somewhat of a computer break for the rest of the month, as I think it will be cleansing. (minus things I need to use the computer for that relate the my job or school work, and probably Pinterest since I am an addict - you can find me on pinterest using the link on the right of this page, by the way)

I sit at a computer every day at work, for 8 straight hours. Every now and then I just need to remind myself that there is a big beautiful world out there, and when I am off work I should get off my laptop and out to where the fun stuff is. So I am challenging myself to stay away from the computer as much as possible, though I will pop on my email daily to make sure I don't miss anyone trying to contact me, and probably read up on my favorite blogs once a week or two.

But I plan to be back full force in the fall. And in the meantime I am still planning to tackle some projects and do some cooking, and photograph it all so I can update you guys on it later.

A few things I am planning to undertake:

Around the house:
  • Making a fabric faux headboard for my bed, using some awesome geometric dwell studio fabric
  • Updating my hallway bench with the same fabric to complete my foyer transformation (as mentioned here)
  • Completing my living room chair slip cover  (as mentioned here)
  • Updating my hallway storage closet with lots of functional shelving and hooks, and some major organization
  • Creating more useful storage in my bedroom with custom shelves and jewelery hooks
  • Making a big comfy floor pillow/pouf for my living room in some lively fabric
In the kitchen:
  • I've been having a blast teaching myself to cook Thai food, so far I have made Tom Kha Guy soup, Pad Thai, and Mangoes with Sticky rice. It takes a while for me to get comfortable cooking with ingredients I haven't used before, but so far everything I have made has turned out good and not been hard to make at all. I will post some of these dishes in the fall.
  • I've been daydreaming about a rustic peach or nectarine tart with reduced balsamic drizzle, will be making that soon for sure.
  • I plan to explore a bit more with local foods, find great summer recipes for the fruits and vegetables that thrive in Boston's short summer season and rocky soil.
  • And thanks to feedback from you guys when I posted my favorite recipe round ups during my blogaversary, I will definitely be aiming to post more vegetarian recipes!
Enjoy the rest of your summer, I hope you all get to get out there and have some fun!


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