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Here you will find a visual room-by-room tour of my current home (which I have lived in 2+ years) and slowly worked to make mine. I live with 4 roommates in a Boston brownstone apartment which was first built in the early 1900s. It has not received much by way maintenance or updates in the past century, but I find I don't mind the sloping, settling  plaster walls, odd pipes that emerge from the floor in places as part of our prehistoric heating system (just a hint if you ever come over, don't touch the radiators or any of those pipes if you don't want 3rd degree burns!) and doors that never close quite all the way. I like to think of these little details as "charm."

When you enter the second floor apartment you'll see our foyer. Home of my record collection, turntable, a dresser I rescued and haphazardly repurposed, and some unique art I love. On the wall opposite the front door is a handmade print of a zebra, signed by the creator, and found at goodwill. On the perpendicular wall is a large print of Boston's Fanueil Hall area, made in the 70s when the buildings were restored, and signed by the architect who restored them. This poster was found in the basement of the Concord Public Library, long hidden:

boo, glare & low light. Our foyer has no windows.

On the other side of the foyer I built an entry way bench, added a great thrift store print (of a town in Vermont where my family used to camp!).  You can also see the entrance in to the living room, and the small hall that leads to my bedroom on the left.


And the living room:

I think my favorite parts are the etsy prints and pillow covers. I have since moved the rug over, changed the TV area, and gotten a couple different plants, better replace these shots!

To the left of the living room is my bedroom. I recently had some fun stenciling one of the walls and building some display shelves in the "desk nook":


And the last room of note (because I'm sure you want to see my 2 bathrooms, and my roommates rooms, but um...wait? what's that? you don't really want to look at pictures of tiny cramped bathrooms?)

The Kitchen:

Favorite elements? Definitely the bright green etsy tea-cup print, my hand made from a shower-curtain cheerful window dressings, and overall bright and happy color scheme. Oh, and that kitchen aid mixer.

So that's where I currently live! I like that it is always a work in progress, that nothing is perfect, but there are tons of little elements that make me happy.  


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