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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Search Is On

For a while I have been hoping to find a new living room rug which is cheap, but not as cheap-looking as the one I currently have.

My living room has evolved quite a bit in the past several months, here is a picture of it taken in late July, complete with party decorations:

And, how it looks currently:

changes include replacing the coffee table with the one I refinished here, getting a new couch, and loosing the blue and white couch and papasan chair (one was sold to a friend, one left us when a roommate moved out), and then simply rearranging what was already there (also, clearly the fiesta themed decorations were put away). I think it is looking a lot better already, but I keep wondering what a difference a new rug would make, especially given that the current rug (a $40 target find) sheds every time we vacuum, and is looking pretty scuzzy.

So now I find that I spend a lot of time looking online at rugs. I am hoping for something similar in size or a bit bigger than the one there currently (which is 4'x6'), but not too much larger- hopefully 5X7 or so. Since there is already a bit of the feeling of too much furniture in too small a room, I want to stick with a rug that is toned down, and somewhat neutral. It's also important that its colors work nicely in the room. A few that have caught my eye so far:

this one from walmart.com $93 for 5x8 
though, I admit I am hesitant to support Walmart given the way they have been known to treat their employees.

this one from Target for $129 5'x8'

 Something more neutral like this one, also from target for $99.99 (only problem is that is larger than I am looking for, at 78"x120"

This Fab Habitat rug is made from recycled plastic bottles! 5x7- $75.00

This rug from Amazon.com seller Home Dynamics is a little bolder in pattern and color than the others I have been looking at, but the colors really do match many in the room.  5x8 $69.99

So, any input for me? Should I choose one of the above options, keep looking for something else, or just leave my current, shedding little rug in place a while longer?

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