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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Earlier this month a Robin decided that the the window ledge outside our kitchen pantry was the perfect place to make her nest. I have to say I agree, the vines that cover our building protect her family there from harsh weather and make them nearly invisible to predators. It has been really fun and fascinating to watch the baby birds hatch and grow, though I don't think Mama Robin is so happy about us always peeking at her and her babies through the window.

Look at how much these birds have grown and changed in about 10 days:

photo taken by my roommate Brianna 

They don't all fit in the nest anymore! 
Edit  6/18
and one more two days later, they are changing so quickly! my first thought when I saw them this time was "wow, they're real birds now!"

And one last update about this robin family can be seen here.

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  1. Oh man! That's such a beautiful, beautiful sight! I feel all wrapped up in warm spring awesomeness. Thank you for sharing - I think it's such a gift when we can capture the moment. Camera phones really aren't as obnoxious as used to think they were. I love the picture where they can't fit in the nest (haha!) - too cool!


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