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Monday, November 21, 2011


Are you wondering if I am ever going to show the final reveal from my stenciling project I gave a sneak peak of nearly a month ago?  Sorry it's taking so long!

Here's my excuse (ready?):

It's not that it's not finished. In fact, by the time I posted that progress picture, it was secretly entirely finished. It's not that I don't love the final result. Seriously, I love it. It's... I can't find my camera.

Anti-climatic right?

Well, I have figured out where my camera is. On a trip with family it somehow ended up going home in my sister's bag instead of mine. Should be easy to get  it back, right? She only lives 3 miles from me.

Well, due to our busy schedules, it's starting to seem like I won't see my camera until my next family trip, for Thanksgiving. So I will definitely be posting those reveal pictures as soon as I get home from Thanksgiving.

Meaning they will be revealed only about 5 weeks after the project was done. Oops.

And  I haven't posted anything else in this time mostly because I know you guys dig photos. I've made some stuff. A couple dinners, mostly. But I'll have to recreate them later so I can take photos when I have my camera back.

Here are a few other things I have done recently, to keep this entire post from being an apology"

  • Had fake-flu- it was just as unpleasant as real flu, but my temperature was lower instead of higher than it is supposed to be.
  • Finally read Hunger Games (in one day...couldn't put it down) after a friend in class lent me her copy.
  • Watched the full series of Being Human (the UK version) on netflix streaming.
  • Wrote a paper for class while in a flu-y fog. I am not sure that thing is even coherent. I guess I'll find out when I hand it in today.
  • Took two sick days from work...more sick days than I have taken in a row in recent memory. Luckily this came after a talk with HR about how I really am supposed to use my PTO days- I hadn't been taking any time off for so long I needed the reminder.
  • Lost 4 lbs in 3 days. Yes, the flu is one way to loose weight, but I don't suggest it. I also am pretty sure I will gain all that back instantly now that I can eat again.
Anyway, what have all of you been up to? I really can't wait to show you the completed stenciling project...I love the result so.


  1. Glad you're feeling better!
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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