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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Be kind to yourself

I've been pretty AWOL lately, hopefully I'll be checking in soon with some recipes and projects I have worked on recently.

In the meantime, something I have been thinking about:

Earlier this year I made a resolution to end my habit of negative self talk. I realized what a truly hard time I give myself. I judge myself for how I look, talk, act, and especially for whatever negative things I assume other people think about me. This is such a negative pattern!

And the sad thing is, after speaking to several of my friends about this- all beautiful, admirable and seemingly confident people- it seems each person I spoke to is just as rough on themselves. I know it's not such a huge surprise, and the negativity with which many people (especially young women, though honestly people of all ages and genders) think about themselves has been part of an ongoing conversation in so many venues for a reason.

If you are reading this, I urge you to evaluate how fair you are being to yourself in terms of self judgement. Take a moment to remind yourself all the things you like about yourself, and make a conscious effort not to be so mean in the future.

Ok, I'm gonna stop my cliche preaching now!

Check back soon, I have a lot in the works- from a new location for this blog, new design, some new recipes, and news about my upcoming cross-country move!

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