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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Few Recent Additions To My Kitchen, Plus-- A Tea Kettle Dilemma

The print I ordered from Etsy arrived recently, which I framed and hung on that empty wall above the kitchen table.

I love it even more than I thought I would! Check out the print I ordered, and the etsy shop I bought it from here.

I took the above picture the night it arrived. I had been stashing a frame I picked up from goodwill in anticipation of its arrival, so as soon as I saw that cardboard poster tube on my doorstep I framed it and hung it right away. I waited to post this until I had a chance to rephotograph it in proper sunlight. Sadly our kitchen doesn't get that much sun even on bright days, since it is in the back of the apartment, facing another part of the building. I always hope for bright sunny pictures in the kitchen, like I get in my bedroom. Another room that does get that kind of beautiful streaming bright sunshine, however, is the pantry.

Why can't my kitchen get this kind of light?
Other new additions to kitchen include a new fruit bowl  and a new bread box to keep things tidy.
anxiously waiting for fruit

My new Fiestaware pitcher is home now, and looking bright and fun on my kitchen counter. the color of the pitcher has sparked a bit of controversy, though, as I was not originally intending to buy it in the "tangerine" color (I was thinking to go with sunflower) but Kohls was out of stock when my mother and her friend Patti tracked this down for me. I actually love it in tangerine, but... It sits right next to my darker orange tea pot (a remnant from the days of my orange kitchen...) and the two don't work very well together in my opinion. I have been playing around with this a bit, where exactly to set this item so that it is not right next to the tea kettle. I am in love with my new pitcher, it is not a question. The question becomes do I love my tea kettle enough to be OK with those two shades of orange sitting next to each other. If the answer is no, this is an easy thing to fix,  as we have a second tea kettle, sitting on a shelf in our pantry. Its stainless steel finish actually matches a few stainless items we have in the kitchen already. But upon asking one of my roommates her opinion, I am now even more confused! She pointed out how much cuter the shape of the orange kettle is, and how much easier its enamel exterior is to clean should it get spatters of oil on it (which it does, as it sits on the stove at all times- we make tea far too often to justify putting it away!).

The first way I had the two orange objects:

A slightly better arrangement:

The stainless steel option:

Any thoughts? I am thinking I may keep an eye out for an inexpensive tea kettle like the orange one we have now,  in either apple green or pale yellow. I see them from time to time at Marshall's and the price isn't bad. But is that just insane? To buy a third tea kettle? Am I just obsessing over something no one will notice? Probably! Occasionally I need someone to sit me down, tell me I am being obsessive, and  remind me to breathe- it's only a tea kettle!

So anyway, I am very happy with the additions  to my kitchen, everything is coming right along. I think the real dilemma is what to do now? Nearly every space in my apartment is how I want it to be, at least within my means. Maybe fixating on a tea kettle is just proof that once I don't have a big overhaul project to do, my mind doesn't know what to focus on!


  1. Ooo I adore your cute kitchen! Love it all. I've been looking for a cute tea pot too.

  2. @raw potatoes-

    I went to Marshalls the other day with high hopes. It was probably the first time I have ever been in their housewares section and saw not a single tea kettle. what bad timing! the search continues...

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I really like your new art work Hannah!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your great words of wisdom!
    Tammy :)


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