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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My (blue!) kitchen

So the kitchen paint job is done, and I really like it. It makes the kitchen feel really different, and I am happy to finally *like* my kitchen (especially after the orange chevron disaster of 2010). I have even been happily cleaning up everyone else's dishes and etc just to keep it looking shiny and clean and cheerful. Here a few pics, still a bit of work to do, including getting some art work up (*check out some updates on the kitchen artwork situation here and here!), and dealing with the icky microwave area (more on that in a bit).

 I took this picture standing on the counter so that I could get in both the blue wall/kitchen table corner, and the cabinets/sink area. If only I had a wide-angle lens, or a bigger kitchen, might not have to resort to such antics.  I am in love with the curtains still, they were a cotton shower curtain from target, which I simply cut and hemmed into two panels, then hung using cute little curtain clips instead of shower curtain rings. I also reorganized the wire cart that holds our toaster oven next to the window, which I feel made a big difference, now the wood top is empty, and everything else that used to live scattered in there is stored in baskets below. I love how clean things are right now. It can be hard to keep things orderly when you live with 4 roommates.

I admit this area above the cabinets makes me happy. I added some string lights for ambient lighting, our vases of wine corks collected over the last year, some glass jars that used to be in my Dad's mother's kitchen before she passed away (and have lived in my parents' basement for the last 15 years) and a cool old flower sign I found at a thrift store. I have no idea if it ever existed at a flower shop, or was simply made for home display. Markings on the back, and crude way the hangers are attached makes me wonder if it was handmade.
My roommate Sam took charge of repainting the old 6 pane window, she chose a bold shade of green. I do like how it really pops off the wall now.

An upcoming project is going to be dealing with this little area:

Our still growing cork collection  doesn't really hide the ugliness of the microwave and cords... If I lived alone I would probably stash the microwave away in a cabinet or the pantry or something. I almost never use it, maybe twice in the last 3 months. I bought something I think will help conceal the cord craziness though. I am not entirely sure if it will work out as it does in my head. Of course I will update and let you know how it goes once I get going on that, the main idea is to install a floating shelf that conceals the outlet and allows the cords to sneak out through a hole in the bottom. The shelf will be easily removed for access to the plugs, and will additionally stop dust from collecting on them, which is a plus. I am thinking a few brightly colored (maybe spray painted thrift store finds?) vases or jars could go on top of the shelf, or maybe some fun vintage salt and pepper shakers. I have also considered covering the sides and top of the microwave with contact paper like a did with the fridge; heck, I even considered sewing it a slip cover or some kind of cozy.
*Check out my update to this area here.

Anyway, I like how the fun and whimsical mood of the kitchen thanks to the paint color and curtains now ties in with the playful items in the pantry.
 And I love that my friend and painting accomplice, Gabby, sneakily added another creature to our creature board at some point while we were working. He is on the bottom left.

Every time I walk down the hall now I peek in at my new bright, colorful kitchen.

Also, don't you love what a difference some bright fresh flowers can make on a slushy gross day? So cheerful! Hope you all are staying dry, Boston has some crazy weather going on right now- ice rain and snow storms and street flooding, oh my!

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  1. Hannah!!! Just AWESOME!!!! What a huge difference. It really looks cheerful and beautiful. Your roommates are so lucky to have someone who constantly improves their environment. Someday, girl, you're going to have to do this for a job.


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