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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm Back!

Hello again!

So my little blog-cation took a bit longer than anticipated. I did get a chance to enjoy some summer days of hiking, biking and doing whatever else it is that you do over the summer. I also spent many hours in class, and started a big transition that meant leaving my previous position at my job (which I have held for 2 years) and learning the ropes of a different position in a different office.  It's been a busy few weeks.

Here are some highlights I thought I might share though, and I would love to hear about the highlights of all of your summers', readers!

1. I took a trip out to the Berkshire town I lived in 2 years ago. While there I hiked in the rain, attended a downtown beach day, visited my favorite local pub, and took in the sights of a place that I called home not so very long ago.

I was surprised with the longing I was left with, revisiting this town that was the site of my adventure year in a new place where I knew almost no one. Seeing it all again has left me with the bug to try again living somewhere new!

I find myself planning my next adventure, to the tune of perhaps 2 years in an all new city by myself. At the moment I keep thinking about Portland, Oregon, but that could all change before the plan goes into action. I have a lucky opportunity to potentially move somewhere for my last couple of years of school. Do you ever get a bug to make a radical change to your life and your setting? I really think the time is right for me, I need a new experience!

a cliff-side view from my trip to the Berkshires, taken at a moment when it wasn't raining

Beach day, North Adams. Such a sweet, fun tradition for a landlocked town!

rainy, forest-y ruins of an old plantation

2. This summer I bought a new bike. I am so enamored of her, and have been biking everywhere. She's a road bike and she is fast and light.  A few days now I have added up nearly 20 miles of riding! My calves are sore.  And yes, to all the concerned relatives reading this: I do always wear a helmet. :)

3. I also got to watch a bit of baseball, taking in a game at Fenway (and another coming up this week!) and seeing a local minor league game, the Lowell Spinners vs. the Brooklyn Cyclones. There are some surprisingly fun antics at minor league games, I learned.

what exactly is going on here? Is that Mario? (picture taken by my sister, Abbie)

What fun things did you guys do this summer? Did you work and take classes the whole time, with only a stretch of 3 days totaling an actual "vacation" like I did? Did you travel, relax or take in new sights? Did you start something new, or hatch a plan for a new adventure? I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. I love that photo you took of the forest!!

    YES, go for it! You're single and free and can make your own decisions-if you feel like it's time for you to live somewhere new, then do it! My little vote :)

    My summer:

    Went to upstate NY (drove those 14 hours!) to attend my stepdaughter's high school graduation and bring her back here.

    Read several more of the Chronicles of Narnia books with my son.

    I lost my job over the summer, but it meant I got back to quilting, very seriously, and took a wonderful turn-I had the opportunity come up to have my quilts carried in a downtown location in the nearest small city here (Greenville, SC). So still looking for work (we have to pay the bills somehow!), but really enjoying throwing myself into starting my quilting business!

    Anyway, those are my big news items, ha ha! Thanks for sharing your summer, and those beautiful photos!


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