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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring is here!

The sunshine (and constant rain) and magnolia buds and bulbs popping up make me happy. I just returned from a lovely weekend in California visiting with family. I am a tiny bit jet-lagged. I am deep in the throws of essay writing for my sociology course. I am playing catch up from the days of work I missed. I am daydreaming about buffalo chicken pizza from the local Spa (in the Boston area a spa is not just a word for a place where one gets a facial or a pedicure, but also a corner shop with a deli or sandwich counter also known as a Bodega). I am obsessing over my recent Etsy purchases. I am wondering when I will get a chance to go to Target to return those curtains I bought that turned out to be the wrong color. I am contemplating going on a diet to undo this weekend of biscuits and gravy, carne asada and cake.

I am not cooking something delicious to post on the blog. In fact, I haven't yet all month, have I? I cooked up not one but 3 gorgeous tarts a couple of weeks ago. Sweet potato with fresh sage and goat cheese, red onion with blue cheese, and sun dried tomato, pesto and goat cheese. I photographed them and everything. I still have the photos for that beet salad I mentioned last month.

But right now, I must admit, instead of writing up the posts for those items, I find I would rather revel in the glory of the first moments of spring. And so I am giving myself a momentary blog vacation. A week more perhaps.

BUT! For my beloved followers, occasional readers, and dear friends I do have some reading material in store for you. They are actually posts I wrote up last summer, and then decided only to post in my personal journal, as I was much more concerned at the time that all of my posts here relate directly to cooking.

But now that spring is here, and baseball is here, and the Red Sox have won 2 whole games out of the last 8 (their worst start since world war II!) it occurs to me that it might be time to look back at a very fun experience I got to witness last year at Fenway park. The posts are a 2 part series, the first of which I will post today, with part 2 coming  tomorrow morning. So keep your eyes peeled!

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