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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The livingroom again

The wheels in my head have been turning. I have been thinking about the living room again. In this post I professed to finding it a bit dark and cluttered with too much furniture, but I felt there was nothing I could do, as the space functions well, is comfortable, and I share it with multiple other people who may not want much to change. So I have been brainstorming small changes that would make a big visual impact.

These items are my inspirations. Does anyone see where I am trying to go with this? Patterned neutrals + mixed matalics to brighten up the space.

If we do indeed renew our lease (looks very likely), I am considering changing out the lighting fixture temporarily, as currently there is a large, bulky, constantly dust collecting ceiling fan that doesn't. even. work. I may decide replacing it is beyond my capabilities, but I have watched a few tutorial videos and I think I can handle it. I would install a shelf high up in one of our closets and store the old fixture there out of the way until we move out. The replacement fixture I am hoping for has an antique school house style glass globe that I think should put off a lot of nice, diffused light, and I love the oil rubbed bronze finish at the base. The semi-flush mount style is just right for our not-super-tall ceilings.

I had been hesitant about the Ikea Stockholm curtains because of their price. And because I can never get to Ikea easily as I don't have a car. Well, a friend invited me along on an Ikea trip last weekend, and I got so psyched up to go, and completely was ready to pull the trigger on 2 sets of those curtains. Sadly, they were sold out! This just makes me want to get my hands on them all the more...

The spool table from Crate and Barrel is lovely, isn't it? Far out of my price range, I am afraid, but at least it has me inspired to search the thrift stores and look for something similar.

I was also thinking for a pop of color against all the neutrals, to bring in some fun art like this set of prints:
I can imagine the prints (which are each 8x10) matted and framed in larger, matching frames, lined up on the wall where our framed Klimt poster is currently.

There is a writing desk beneath the window that is forever covered by a tablecloth because of the poor condition its finish is in. That is my big project this spring, I am hoping to refinish it soon, and as of now my plan includes a tone-on-tone painted pattern on the top (maybe chevron, I didn't work out so well in my kitchen, but I think it will here) and a walnut stain on the legs.

I am also toying with the idea of adding some shallow shelves to the nook behind the sofa (I have yet to post pictures of that area, I know) and maybe paint the back a contrasting color, then display small vases, candle holders and books for a little more character in the room.

See, wheels turning. Told you.

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