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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coming up...

This weekend I am looking forward to trying some new simple recipes that use...


I have a pretty nice assortment at the moment, I feel like I ought to have guests over for wine and some of this:

Do you have a  favorite recipe that uses sharp cheddar? How about bleu cheese? Brie? I am thinking some kind of onion tart might be in the mix, maybe with the bleu cheese. And maybe gougeres? Not quite sure yet, but whatever I make this weekend, the star of the show will be, yep, cheese.


  1. Love cheese and yep...a little get-together with friends for cheese and wine sounds lovely. :) Have you thought about a fondue? An onion tart also sound great! Maybe an antipasto with salamis and olives? Whatever you decide on, I'm sure everyone will enjoy it. :)

  2. Fondue is a great suggestion. I was also pondering some fancy grilled cheese.


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