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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I have my workshop back!

This winter has been long. And snowy. And I know it's not quite finished, we even got some snow today. But, my good old back alley workshop is back in action- dry, and no longer filled with snow piles. So earlier this evening I officially started off the season with a little bit of spray painting.

For the most part things are just as I left them out there before the snow started falling, see that paintbrush on the ground in the top of the photo? My bad. I guess it was there all winter, hidden by masses of snow.

Also it seems the empty aerosol cans are still in the recycling bin I put them in last fall. Complete with brown leaves.
I can't, though, take credit for this guy:
yeah, guessing that used to be a jack-o-lantern. Disgusting, though somewhat fascinating in a science fair kind of way.

And on to my spray painting project:

These frames were found at goodwill, and each have a piece of handmade art. I love the idea that these were handmade by someone, and then anonymously donated to goodwill, where they ended up coming home with me. They are going to be added on to our art gallery wall in the hallway (affectionately known as the wall of weird art). I like to think that there is always a chance someone will come over and recognize one of them, and know their story. I'd love to know a little something about whoever it was who made each of them.

I am going to share the entire gallery wall soon, I realized I have never shown it on here. But for now, here is a sneak peek, my 2 newest additions:

I like to imagine this little bunny was lovingly cross-stitched by someone's grandma, to hang in a nursery. I saw it and for some reason it just made me smile.

And this little water-colored bird makes me smile too.

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