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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Around the net...things I've enjoyed this week

Here are a few things I have seen online recently that made me smile or laugh...

1. Artist John Kascht gives some insight into his creative process, as he draws a caricature of Conan O'Brien. I love seeing other artists' processes!

2. I try to never give parenting advice, as I am not a parent, but I think I have some advice for the writer of this craigslist ad... Basically, I think he is missing something.

3. Popping a giant water balloon is way cooler in slow motion, in the same way that so many things are cooler in slow motion.

4. Because I love artist Mary Englebriet, it was awesome to get to see inside her home. To be honest I see so much more that relates to her art work and artistic point of view in the decor of her newer house than in her last- those bright pops of yellow and orange slay me.

5. As usual I adore the new spontaneous musical from Improv everywhere- Check it out!

6. One of my very favorite food bloggers to read, Joy from Joy The Baker, just posted some pretty sweet advice for a reader who is turning 21. I think this advice is great no matter your age.

Also, on a slightly separate note, a close friend of mine has started a new blog. He is a great musician and I hope he posts some of his music there. I love how our friendship has lasted and evolved over the years, we are so different in some ways, but really have a meaningful friendship. The biggest difference between us being that we have different religious views, he is in his 2nd year at Seminary in the process of becoming an Anglican priest, and I try not to talk about religion or politics here, but I'll just say I am not involved with organized religion, so it is very interesting to share our views and learn that you can believe very different things, but it doesn't have to hinder how you relate to each other. He is blogging about his studies, music and life in general, stop by and pay him a visit if you are curious. 

He sent me this song several months ago that I just love.

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  1. Mary Englebreit's house looks exactly like I thought it would! Well, it's maybe a little bit less cluttered and colorful than I imagined, but if she drew it, it would look just right! I love, love the outside of her house, don't you?


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