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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Done with something!

I completed my first college course! Took me six years post high school to do it, but I am happy with myself. Now I have two sweet weeks before my intensive summer courses start, during which I have that type of vacation where you actually work full time and are just as busy as usual. I feel like I am living some kind of double life.

I want to celebrate my accomplishment, though I know to many it probably doesn't seem very impressive. Especially living in a college-centric area like Boston, it's easy to feel never-good-enough when it comes to academic accomplishments. But really what it is is a start. And so far the thing that is starting is good. And I am starting to think seriously about what schools I might like to transfer to in a year or so. In general, I am striving to learn not to compare myself and my own progress to others, but only to do the best I can, and make choices that are best for me.

I also like to remind myself that I no longer have to be on the other side of the city before 7am two days a week, as after this semester I am altering my work hours a bit so I won't have to take classes so early before a full work day. Which is pretty sweet, since without a car it meant leaving the house around 5:30am, and it was usually still dark out.

In summary,

Where I used to be at 5:35am on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

Where I will be now:
Ok, I didn't work as hard on the second sketch...That's not even what my bed looks like.

(yes, I drew you guys some pictures on notepad paper so this post wouldn't seem too wordy. I know the pictures are what it's all about)

I would like to bake something to eat to celebrate this first step, but I have been trying to be more diet conscious recently- and my celebration food tends to be super rich cakes, whole batches of cookies and the like. Also, I think my roommates are near giving me an intervention for making too many cookies all the time when some of them are trying to diet! Or maybe I would go out and have a fancy drink somewhere special, but I have been trying to save money, and my celebration drinks tend to turn out quite expensive! Any ideas for other fun ways to celebrate this one small step? Also, any accomplishments (small or large!) you guys have been celebrating lately?

Also, just a head's up, I have a few projects I am holding off on posting...because my laptop doesn't work at the moment. Hopefully all it needs is a new battery, which is on its way to me now. But someday soon, expect tales of a disastrous attempt to change out a ceiling fan, a side table painted a bright fun color, my first attempt at sewing a chair slipcover, and my own version of this popular IKEA Rast hack.  

Hope everyone is enjoying their rainy Tuesday! What are you celebrating?


  1. A) It's not only not not impressive (huh?!) that you finished the first class, it's actually QUITE an accomplishment! The first step of getting back on the proverbial horse is the hardest by far. Partially because horses don't come with step-up ladders yet, and proverbial horses are even more wily than regular ones.

    B) You should seriously consider painting "bed" across your bed.

    C) Can we celebrate your accomplishment together?

  2. Abbie-

    A. horses are indeed quite tricky to get back on without step ladders, especially for the under 5 foot four set like you and I. On a more serious note, it was quite hard to get myself back to the rhythm of school - I kept thinking "a test? but I haven't had a test in 6 years!"

    B. Yes, let's celebrate. Especially if it can involve using up one of my Groupons! what do you think, restaurant-wise: tapas, casual french, or upscale American?

    C. Also, if we do some driving this summer, we could eventually celebrate that. Just saying.

  3. Congrats on completing your first college course..and on getting more sleep! YAY! :)

    What am I celebrating? Well...in a couple of days I'll be celebrating a 14 year anniversary at my place of employment. And my honey and I will be celebrating our 14 year wedding anniversary in a few months.

    Anyway, I had to laugh when you said your roommates are close to giving you intervention so you will stop baking so many rich goodies. I love to bake all that good stuff too. It's hard to keep from doin' it, isn't it. :)

  4. I've had to do the same thing--trying to reduce my glycemic load so cutting out all the celebratory baking (the baking was just as much fun as the eating; I love trying new recipes). My favorite sugar-free celebration is something small on Etsy, usually under $5, that makes me smile.

    Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!


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