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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Love Craigslist

I finally got myself a Kitchenaid mixer yesterday, glory be to Craigslist.

I had been trying to track one down for so long, but couldn't quite justify the price tag of buying one new.  Luckily, as Kitchenaid mixers are huge, heavy, expensive, and not often used by people who don't do much baking, it happens fairly often that they appear on craigslist with an ad that sounds something like this: "I got this mixer as a wedding present, it's great! But I never use it, can't lift it, and it won't fit in my kitchen."

The one I finally ended up with has been used all of 3 times, and I got to test it out before buying it. The seller included all of the attachments she had, and the original recipe book. The model is not the popular Artisan, but the Classic, which is a little less expensive and lower in wattage. However, having studied the reviews I feel certain the Classic is just what I need. It wasn't free, of course, but it was a lot less than I would have to pay for a new one, plus located not that far from my house.

I was truly holding my breathe and thinking it was too good to be true when the seller responded to my email. Whenever one was listed in my area I would send an email, oh so hopeful that it might be mine. But every time, no response. But yesterday, finally, it all worked out. And, since the apartment I would have to go to to pick it up was only 2 miles from my house, I could walk there, and then take the train back most of the way with the new mixer in hand.

This is how I managed to get lost in Brighton carrying a 35 lb kitchen appliance. That thing is crazy heavy, and I was pretty near panic mode because I couldn't find my way to the T and my arms were screaming with strain. The only person around was an older Asian woman gathering bottles and cans out of people's trash. I asked her how to get back to Beacon street and she gave me the blankest of blank stares. I walked a little bit further, finally saw a street name that I recognized and knew would get me back to Beacon, and was so happy I think I may have squealed. Then I saw the most adorable wooden sewing table just begging to be refinished and made awesome, as well as several vintage-y suit cases out on the sidewalk. Oh how i wished I had more arms! Or a vehicle I suppose. Sadly, I only have two arms, and the weight of the mixer was enough to quickly dissuade me from even attempting to carry anything else as well.

Once I reached Beacon Street, I could see there was a train approaching, and in order to make it in time, I would have to run. Let me tell you, running while carrying a rather hefty mixer is no pretty sight.

But no matter, I have my mixer now! And it is lovely. And this weekend I will have to test it out for real and make something delicious. 

I do have my old sunbeam mixer still, it works decently, but doesn't have the power to mix thicker batters without my having to rotate the bowl manually. It is great for whipping heavy cream or egg whites, and with just a bit of attention does other jobs fine. I have just been spoiled from using a more powerful machine in all of the baking courses I have taken.  If anyone local wants the sunbeam, let me know, it's all yours.


  1. I can relate... except that I didn't have to carry mine home, lol!
    I never bake without thinking of my husband's and mine dear friend, Jacob; he very generously gave me the Kitchenaid mixer (a relative left it along with other stuff at his house under not good circumstances... suffice it to say said relative will not be returning for items) that he didn't use and didn't want.
    It's heavy, yes, but that means it's earned a precious spot of counter space and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it... I'd wanted one for over a decade.


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