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Saturday, May 14, 2011

New blog header

Here is where I admit that I spent the morning taking photos of myself with the timer on my camera, wearing an apron, and standing next to my kitchen table pretending to cook. Because I am classy like that. It was really hard to figure out the timer.

I didn't get there in time...

I felt like Vanna White.

I really needed something to do with my hands.

So I made a sign to hold.

Sometimes I blinked.

Getting better at this.

In the end I cropped my face out...too weird?
Anyway, it may just be a temporary change, I will repeat the photo shoot with a better camera perhaps, and help from a photoshop savvy friend so the sign is more readable. Coloring the sign was fun. It felt like grade school. I used a crayon to make the word APRON purple.


  1. I like it! It has a very Joy the Baker feel to it, while being completely different. :)

  2. Love the new header! Where'd you get your apron? I am starting to think that I might like cooking more if I had a cute apron. :P

  3. Thanks, guys!

    @DecorandtheDog- I actually collect aprons, I think that one may have come from marshalls, they seem to have a ton lately- it used to be almost impossible to find good ones but now it is easy! check stores that sell homewares like marshals, pier1, and kitchen specialty shops.

    I also am planning to sew a few once i get comfortable with my new sewing machines, I noticed some cute patterns at joanns for them.

    and yes, it totally helps making cooking exciting if you have a cute apron to wear.

  4. I love your pictures! And no...that picture of you with your head cut off isn't weird at all. On the contrary, I think it's wonderful...adds a sense of mystery about who you are and emphasizes your message...what to do while wearing an apron.

    I love the colors in your dining room by the way. The yellow and teal accented with white is beautiful! The color scheme is calming and soothing, while at the same time uplifting and warm.

    As far as aprons are concerned, I don't wear them...never have. I want to wear them because I think they're cute, but it feels so "not me" since I'm not an apron wearer.

    I almost bought one this winter. I kept passing it by, never committing myself to getting it. Then when I finally did commit myself, it was gone. :(

    I do want an apron...one that is "me." I need to do a lot of searching I think. :)


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